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Dr Hitesh Panchal

“Excellent presentation of an essential topic- always a pleasure to hear Nadeem speak and share his Knowledge/ Tips”

Dr Saif Riaz

“Finally learnt to floss tie”

Dr Rummana Begum

“Enjoyed the Practical session and will definitely use more frequently. Thanks”


Dr Tom Friar

“Really Great practical advice, I’ve learned loads!”

Dr Tom Rayner


Dr Saif Riaz

“Great Course – made a complex topic very simple”

Dr Yasin Lulat

“Very good balance of theory and Practical. Passed nice techniques in an approachable manner. Very good”

Dr Fahim Youssouf

“Straight to the point lecture and demo on using rubber dams and application. Simple yet effective! Gave me a lot more confidence using rubber dams!”

Dr Jonathan Hill

“Very informative and interesting course. Well presented and pleasant, small group size. Excellent!”

Dr Helmi El-Sakka

“My first ever Rubber Dam course and I don’t think I need to go on another one. Nadeem covered all”

Dr Imran Asghar

“Excellent educator and practicals”

Dr Stevie Robb

“Took rubber dam back to basics. Stuck to 2-3 techniques. Good videos”

Dr Janet Hill

“Really liked the hands-on experience. Like how the process was simplified. Feel a lot more confident to use rubber dam now”

Dr Mohammad Jaberansari

“A fantastic course that meets the learning outcomes and ticks the practice applicability box in the most exciting and beneficial means”

Dr Jessica Abigail

“Excellent course. Simplified rubber dam placement. Eliminated confusion. Looking forward to isolationg my first case”

Dr lIana Pine

“I’m now more confident with rubber dam”

Dr Corrin Hickerton

“All aims achieved, Good facilities, Learnt a lot”


Dr Rebecca Shawcross

“Great course that confirmed my current practice and extended my skills”

Dr Jason Singh

“Very good Course”


Dr Hajarah Hussain

Great handson



Dr Dharmesh Mistry

Excellent course. Simplified how to place a rubber dam”

Dr Jonathan Hewitt

“Fantastic Course, feel much more competent with rubber dam !!”

Dr Mazhar Iqbal

“Fantastic Course”

Dr Mujtaba Tahir

“A vey in depth further training to a vital topic taught as undergraduates enabling us to understand and apply knowledge in rubber dam technique”

Dr Will Dyson-Sutton

“Really useful course thats boosted my confidence with placing R/Dam and how to manage difficult situations”

Dr Anna Kayani

“Really enjoyed, lots of helpful advice”

Dr Robert Term

“Really enjoyed and very useful”

Dr Tom Booth

“Good course, will use it”

Dr Riaz Yar

“Nadeem is a true gent, an excellent communicator and teacher. Conveys difficult concepts easily with simple techniques and tips that we can use the very next day. Truly Brilliant”

Dr Sarfaraaz Zahid

“Thankyou for your time, very interesting and enjoyable way of learning composites at a high level. Excellent presentations to aid demonstrations of procedures”

Dr Yaseen Choudry

“Excellent course, Overall Brilliant”

Dr Bilal Hussain

“Thankyou very much for a very informative couple of days. We had a nice and relaxed atmosphere whilst still meeting the objectives outlined. The balance between theory and practical work was well managed”

Dr Liam Brady

“Good all round course. Good application new techniques”

Dr Sara Rauf

“Overall very good presentation. Excellent speaker”

Dr Thomas Sefa- Sarong

“Excellent course. One stop shop to bring all the anterior applications of composite together. Well presented and highly recommended”

Dr Abbas Isaji

“Great Knowledge and great clinical tips and allowed to put into practice with excellent feedback and demonstrations. Superb content covered, infact more than I thought”


Dr Anthony Collins

“A well presented and executed course that covered many topics of interest and will be relevant and useful in daily Practice”

Dr Mohammad Jaberansari

“Great Speaker  I have been on multiple courses and not until now have expanded into such ultimate step by step practical detail. Great Day.”

Dr Zohaib Zaman

“Great Course, Nadeem was very thorough in his explanations and discussed techniques that we can easily apply in Practice, would recommend the course”

Dr Jonathan Hill

“Great course- learnt some new techniques applicable to my practice and gives me the confidence to use these techniques in the clinical environment”

Dr Ash Saravanamuttu

“This is the best course overall I have attended in a long time. It was so enjoyable and it is so appreciated”

Dr Imran Ali

“Nadeem was very approachable and knowledgable on a whole range of topics. Would loved to have spent more time picking his brain”


Dr Nicola Bates

“Great course. Great balance between lecture and practical sessions. Liked learning the different techniques to see which suits us best”

Dr Mujtaba Tahir

I would highly recommend this course due to the lack of training provided as under graduates, and more importantly due to being presented by a highly knowledgeable, genuinely sincere and passionate trainer who is ethically minded and not directed by profit or bias to any specific materials. Sufficient time is given to have hands-on unlike any other courses I have attended to date and very approachable trainer”


Dr Jonathan Hill

“Brilliant course, great content and great practical sessions, all very well presented and ordered. All very relevant to the experienced GDP and newly qualified alike to give a much needed confidence boost in restoring the worn dentition and heavily restored posterior teeth. Some techniques never seen or heard of anywhere else that should prove to be very useful in our private practice. Best course I have ever been to and I will endeavour to use these techniques in practice soon. Never stop learning! Thanks so much!”

Dr R Begum

“Fantastic course- one to one mentoring received on all practical exercises, in addition to really useful tips and advice!”

Dr Mujtaba Tahir

“Fantastic course with ample time for enhancing practical skills. No sales gimmick – just passion for ethical dentistry in highly needed areas. I would highly recommend Nadeem’s courses as he focuses on attention to detail with in depth knowledge. Being a small group allows for that personal one to one training from a tutor who is highly skilled, passionate and sincere about teaching quality and ethical dentistry at high standards be it Anterior composites, Posterior composites, Rubber dam or Wax up course”

“Superb, well organized and well executed. Nadeem was a fantastic speaker”

“Excellent and well run course”

“Fantastic course, highly recommend! My restorations will be a lot better/Aesthetic now”

“Great speaker – knowledgeable and friendly”

“I certainly gained from the course. It was illuminating how to fill the tooth anatomically which will certainly make the restorations look better but also function better. Also it will cut down on the trimming and polishing.”

“This course was very informative, and provided a good update of the cureent methods of placing a good posterior composite filling. I wil adjust my methods accordingly to ensure that I am practising within the most up to date methods of filling placements.”

“The speaker was very knowledgeable, approachable and effective”


“Really enjoyed the course.. Gained a lot of useful new knowledge that will allow me to progress further with  composite and improve my skills”

“The speaker was extremely knowledgeable, approachable and coherent. I would recommend this course to all members of the dental team, and I belive junior dentists would benefit the most”

“Very good course and very informative. Has given me new ideas and skills to carry out in practice”

Dr R Begum

Informative slides and excellent demo”

Dr Vab Vias

“Simplification of the anatomy and build up in stages”

Dr Monica Wu

“Really enjoyed the course”

Dr Balraj Sekhon

“One of the best courses”

Dr Anna Kayani

“Enjoyed all aspects of the course, hands-on practical skills really useful, will definitely help me in everyday work”

Dr Terrianne Douglas

Hands-on Practice was very useful and one to one mentoring”

Dr Elaine Mo

“Thanks for an extremely helpful session. Very impressed with the amount of content in one session without compromising on detail. Can’t wait to apply this to my day to day Practice”


Dr Aisha Khan

“The powerpoints were useful and the informative and the demonstrations were fantastic”


Dr Rummana Begum

“Tutorial regarding anatomy was useful. Gave me an idea of how the basic anatomy can be modified to change the shape of the tooth”


Dr Claire Todd

“Demonstration and the systemic steps wer the most useful part of the study day.”