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10th & 11th May 2024

Anterior and Posterior Wax-up Course

Hugo Sousa
Nadeem Younis | BDS MSc DGDP(UK) DPDS

Course Fee: £895


This unique course is specifically designed for general dental practitioners and therapists to enable them to understand tooth anatomy and be able to reproduce the key features in wax. No previous experience is required. Equipment for waxing teeth and course notes will be provided.

I personally think understanding and recreating tooth anatomy is the missing link between average and exceptional composite resin restorations. If you want to take your composite restorations to the next level then this course is a must.

Delegates will wax up upper anterior teeth, a lower molar, and a premolar tooth.

Aims & Objectives

To enable delegates to recognise anatomical features of anterior and posterior teeth


  1. The delegate will be able to understand the relationships between the various anatomical features of the anterior and posterior teeth
  2. To be able to create both single unit anterior and posterior units in wax and incorporate the range of anatomical features
  3. To gain a comprehensive knowledge of the terminology of tooth anatomy to enhance communication within the dental team

Hugo Sousa is a General Dental Council registered dental technician.

After graduating with a degree in dental technology from the University Egas Moniz in Lisbon and working for a few years in Portugal, his love for the profession made him move to England to further develop his professional skills. Over the past few years Hugo has continually invested in improving and growing his knowledge, attending various courses around the world including a post-graduation in dental morphology at the prestigious Ceramic Training Center in Osaka and a Masters Degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Presently he is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of dentistry, University of Lisbon.


Verifiable CPD: 14 hours

Day 1

9.00 am Registration
9.15 am Presentation Central
9.45 am Participants build central in plasticine Model 1
10.45 am Presentation Lateral
11.15 am Participants build lateral in plasticine Model 1
12.15 pm Presentation Canine
12.45 pm Lunch
1.45 pm Participants build canine in plasticine Model 1
2.30 pm Demonstration tips how to wax up on Model 2
3.30 pm Participants build 6 anterior teeth using palatal silicone index
4.30 pm Participants build 6 anterior teeth using palatal silicone index
5.00 pm Participants build 6 anterior teeth using palatal silicone index

Day 2

9.00 am Presentation on the upper first premolar
9.30 am Participants build premolar in plasticine Model 3 (occlusal)
10.30 am Presentation on the first upper molar
10.45 am Participants build first upper molar in plasticine Model 3 (occlusal)
11.15 am Presentation on the first lower molar
11.45 am Participants build first lower molar in plasticine Model 4 (occlusal)
12.45 pm Lunch
1.45 pm Participants wax up 3 posterior teeth Model 4
2.45 pm Participants wax up 3 posterior teeth Model 4
3.45 pm Participants wax up 3 posterior teeth Model 4
5.00 pm Day End




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Price: £ 895.00

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